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Looking Toward the Future

A lot has been happening behind the scenes with Game Slayer, and we feel it's time to let everyone know what we're up to.

We are on the verge of seriously getting Game Slayer into gear. Brian has been working on a new site core which will provide a stable platform for Game Slayer to run on for years to come. When that's finished, we will be taking action to earn startup money for the official formation of Game Slayer as a legal entity, trademarking our logo, and promoting the site.

The definition of Game Slayer has been cloudy and ever-changing over the years. We have gone from a Game Review site to an Online Community to a Gaming System Manufacturer; but only now are we setting in stone Game Slayer's niche.

Paraphrased from our official Business Plan, the Direction and Goals of Game Slayer are outlined below, in order of importance:

  • Online Community
    Game Slayer will be a gathering place for those interested in gaming, gamer culture, and internet culture (and related subjects) to share their knowledge, creativity, and opinions. We at Game Slayer encourage our members to post their progress with projects and other accomplishments on the site, and those that earn the favor of our Game Slayer Staff may be rewarded with gratis promotion via our social media network and proposed magazine. Game Slayer will encourage open discussion on controversial topics and will allow most subjects to be discussed except in the case of excessive crime, hate, violence, etc. (Unacceptable topics will be outline in a Terms of Use Agreement that all users must agree to before they may post on the site.)
  • Community Enrichment
    Game Slayer will sanction official local chapters and provide resources to each chapter to encourage and support positive community involvement. Beyond hosting local gaming parties/events, Game Slayer local chapters will be encouraged to aid their community in any way possible, focusing on anti-drug campaigns for children by promoting gaming as a nonviolent, legal form of entertainment; and raising money for local charities by hosting 50/50 raffles and collecting donations at Game Slayer gaming events and other charity events. Game Slayer central management will keep track of local chapters' contributions to their community, and reward those who are most active.
  • Gamer Culture Journalism
    Game Slayer will employ several journalists who will be tasked with obtaining early/insider information on subjects that will interest our members. Game Slayer will attempt to establish affiliation with game design companies pursuant to this goal. Game Slayer will report regularly both on the site and via printed media.
  • Game Slayer Magazine
    Game Slayer Magazine will be a quarterly full-color print publication which will act as a source of information on upcoming and recently released games, movies, hardware, technology, and science; advertisement for our affiliates, and a catalog of Game Slayer Merchandise (including our Game Slayer Brand Gaming PCs).
  • Game Slayer Studios
    Game Slayer's creative department will be called Game Slayer Studios. It will be a subsidiary of Game Slayer proper, and will be directed by a general manager (Project Manager). Game Slayer Studios will produce works of media in various formats, including video games and videos (such as semi-regular episodes of the "Game Slayer Show" - a half-hour video featuring Game Slayer Staff commentaries and interviews concerning upcoming and released video games and movies.)
  • Retail
    Game Slayer will manufacture and sell Game Slayer Brand Gaming Systems and Game Slayer Branded Merchandise through our online store as well as affiliated retailers. Game Slayer Gaming Systems will be priced comparably with competitors such as Alienware.

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